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Step Into Your Power &
Redefine Your Life
Transform back to your authentic self

Your 5 step guide to begin a positive mindset 

Now more than ever you need to cultivate the right mindset. Natalie's 5 step guide is essential to develop and keep a positive mindset during this critical time. 

 In this free eBook, she share's her step by step self healing methods for turning your negative, self sabotaging thoughts around to transform and align with your authentic self to redefine your life.

The problem is what you are doing isn't working, 
and deep inside your true self, you know it.

In many conversations I’ve had with women just like you, we all thought life was going to turn out one way but, as it turns out, it's not what we imagined.

Divorce, Difficult
Dead End Relationships

Career Stuck, Feel Lost, 
Lack Confidence, Illness

Guilt, Anxiety, Loss of Self, 
Feeling Obligated to Others

 "After reading this, it gave me perspective on my thoughts and actions. Implementing these steps gave me a sense of peace for how blessed I really am." 

Jacqueline M, age 26
Security Supervisor

 “I’ve struggled with self-doubt, but after following these steps, I’ve gained a whole new
level of confidence. It has brought me a real sense of who I am and provided me with easy
to follow daily practices.” 

Sandra C, age 52
Principal Instructional Designer

 "I needed a life reset after my 15 year marriage ended. After many years of turmoil (lay-off after lay-off) this was the perfect read. It gave me the foundation I needed (after marriage and 3 kids!)

Christa P, age 38
Pharmaceutical Gov't Affairs

 "I have always felt I was a positive person, but lately due to the many changes in my life, I felt the negativity setting in at times.  I loved this book, it totally described where I am in my life & gave me easy steps to get back on track.

Kathy A., age 58

Here's a sneak peak inside...

The first step in getting back your life and shifting into the life you want is recognizing you need to make the change and summoning up the courage to acknowledge enough is enough. The second step is saying YES to YOU and putting yourself first to create the happiness and peace you crave.

We are going to cover the 5 steps you can take to literally shift your vibe in minutes, we'll discuss things like:

  1.  The ability to observe your negative thoughts (and how!)
  2.  What keeps you staying small and stuck (and why!)
  3.  What daily steps you can take to redefine your life
  4.  What the key is to invoking the right mindset to make your shifts
  5.  How to refocus your attention to feel good (each and every day!)

Understanding how meditation truly works!


While you may have girlfriends who are amazing and supportive to vent to, if they cannot support you in a positive mindset to shift and redefine your life, you will end up in a repeat cycle of the negative life pattern you were trying to escape, stuck in the same spot.


Self proclaimed positive energy activator. ~ Meditation enthusiast. ~ Mandala dot maker. ~ Happy & effective team and relationship builder ~ Global business leader ~ Recovered divorcee x2 ~ Supporter of all women and humans ~ Soul searcher ~ Lover of the night sky, stars and moon ~ Aerial yogi ~ Lover of bubble water ~ Spiritualist ~ Believer ~ Favorite quote guru ~ I am you, you are me, we are one.